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Nothing can bring peace but yourself [29 May 2006|10:19pm]
Wise words. I am trying to work out how to contact someone, since so many people are probably reading this I shall go into no more detail. Radiohead and iLiKETRAiNS were wicked live, Hope of the States in a couple of weeks. Primeval Blue are finally getting somewhere since we have a completely finished song by the name of Artifacts In The Sky, and many more to follow.

Sorry for not updating for so long, I forgot my bastard Livejournal password.
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Recently, oi have mostly been listening to... [18 Apr 2006|05:16pm]
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven
The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
The Silver Mt. Zion - Horses In The Sky
Radiohead - Live at Earl's Court 26/11/03
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Muse - Absolution

And stuff.
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Laaaandon part 2 [05 Apr 2006|08:41pm]
Went to the guitar shop district (Denmark Street, Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road) with Paul & John of Thee Band today. With full intention of spending the day on Denmark Street, and containing the knowledge that it ran between Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road, we set off down Oxford Street. The wrong way. Half an hour later and some friendly police directions later we found it.

Paul wanted to buy a noise suppressor, but after a long conversation with a guy in a shop on Denmark Street (whilst I was discussing the Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron pedal at great length with his mate) told him it'd be better to get a new amp. After a few false starts we ended up in Sound Control in the basement of Virgin, where Paul found a Marshall JCM2000 combo, which is basically the classic Marshall stack but smaller, and fell in love with it. Meanwhile I tried to bum a go on a Rickenbacker but failed, and tried at great length with a mad Aussie salesman to get a compressor pedal working, and we eventually gave up because they only had that display model in stock anyway.

At this point I'll give you a little tip. If you ever find yourself at the crossroads where Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road meet (you can't miss it, there's the Dominion theatre in one corner, the Astoria in another and a big fuck-off tower block with a massive fountain outside at another) there's a fantastic bakery just next to Virgin who do the Ferrari of cornish pasties.

I ended up buying a Boss CS3 compressor/sustainer from a barking mad French guy in the Soho Soundhouse. It's a fantastic pedal, it makes everything sound richer, smoother and fuller, and I timed a minute of sustain courtesy of the pedal and a Les Paul.

At this point John was getting pretty bored so we went back to Sound Control where he spent the next hour beating the buggery out of an electronic drumkit whilst Paul spent ages sorting out the buying and delivery of his amp (£850 of Marshall) and my eyes fell on a vintage Moog synthesiser... just sitting there underneath a rack of headphones... The sound that thing makes is orgasmic. That was me occupied for the next hour or so.

I also feel obliged to buy a virtual pint for John Brace-Williams (not our John...) the trainee salesman who was running the entire, quite large, guitar department in Sound Control single-handedly all day, dealing with about 5 customers at once.
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Three blokes go into a pub... [26 Mar 2006|07:24pm]
Primeval Blue's website is live! Point yer browsers towards http://www.primevalblue.cjb.net to see more of this sort of thing.

Image hosting by Photobucket

In other news, I'm now seeing Radiohead twice this year, thanks to several hours spent on w.a.s.t.e getting presale tickets for the May tour. They went on sale at midday, but thankfully w.a.s.t.e is only built to handle a couple of transactions at a time so by the time I got home there were still loods left. So now I'm seeing them in Wolverhampton - not very rock and roll, is it?
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This is the greatest quote ever [11 Mar 2006|05:08pm]
Lifted straight from my physics text book, nicknamed The Physics Bible. According to it, the atomic nucleus is like "angry ferrets in a sack, held together by mutual aggression".

I reckon Feynmann had something to do with that.

Radiohead's acoustic gig sold out in 10 minutes and because of a mistake on the Big Ask website I thought they went on sale tomorrow. Pisser.
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I don't like Sundays [05 Mar 2006|08:29pm]
Tell me why!

I've done quite a lot today actually. Been organising parts for Meridian, ready for its live debut at a benefit concert in May. I've also been downloading Radiohead live at Glastonbury 2003 in high-quality video, and as usual working on music of some sort. As it stands, I have a progressive rock semi-concept album complete apart from lyrics for two songs and, er, a band to play it with. Assembled it from a load of songs I had lying around - Stars (sounding good, about 10 minutes long but no lyrics apart from the first line) Interloper, Burst, Interloper Reprise, The Homefires (an epic, effects-laden rock monster, also has no lyrics) and Unrelated Incidents (another 10-minute epic, finally finished!)

One day you'll see me on the main stage of Glastonbury. And I'll be playing a Rickenbacker 360 through a Vox AC30 for clean sounds and a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier for distorted sounds. Yes, I've got it all planned out. I'm also going to own a PRS Custom 24, a Gibson ES-335 and some sort of Telecaster.

Should I watch that new nature thingy that's on the Beeb in 25 minutes? Who knows.

I'm also going to/planning on going to see these bands...

Radiohead - definitely at V, hopefully a couple of dates on their tour, very slim chance of seeing the Thom and Jonny solo gig at the Koko
A Silver Mt. Zion
Jose Gonzalez

I was also introduced to Sunn O))) today. I'm not sure they really qualify as music, more demonic white noise I think.
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London, Boosh and V [03 Mar 2006|04:56pm]
So, school trip to a learning conference for Music in Laaandon. Due to the lack of a minibus and a rather complicated insurance situation, we ended up having to spread 7 people across 3 cars and driving to Epping in convoy. This ended up with Stockham drinking beer all the way there and me being involved in a terminal overtaking war with Paul. I managed to make him drive through a red light when he was following me because I shot through it on amber, but then he actually stopped at one and caught up with me 2 minutes later. The actual conference was pretty boring, apart from Michael's stomach constantly rumbling and a few comedy heckles. I won the race home too.

The Mighty Boosh are quite mighty live. I loved the moon, who said things like "I don't need to pay dental bills, I'm the fucking Moon!" "To be honest, Howard, you're a ballsack, and I don't have to hang around with ballsacks, I'm the Moon!" and "So he took the crystal back to Bollo or something, I don't know, I wasn't really watching, I was having a wank". Best bit was The Hitcher's massive spiel though...

"You want to know where the two main characters went? I cut their fucking heads off! Then I fucked the stumps! That's right, stump-fucking! BBC3 didn't like that idea, but this is live so we can do whatever the fuck we want! Right, kids, that was stump-fucking. So get it right when you tell your mates about it tomorrow!"

Also attempted to get tickets for V. Chelmsford sold out completely in 20 minutes, managed to get tickets for the Radiohead day at Stafford though.
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Stage Invasion! [26 Feb 2006|11:53am]
Yes. The band decided to go out with a bang for the last night of Little Shop Of Horrors by invading the stage in the last song. In retrospect I probably looked like a complete twat running around the stage blasting out some rhythms on an egg-shaker I'd grabbed from the percussion cage on the way to the stage. Best bit was when the cast had gone off and left me, Stockham playing a mandolin and the entire brass section on stage. Or maybe when I threw the shaker up in the air, caught it and got rapturous applause.
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Cockney Music [25 Feb 2006|12:35pm]
I managed to achieve two great things pre-showtime at Little Shop Of Horrors last night. The first was bouncing a ball across 5 tables consecutively twice in a row, the second was playing that staple of Cockney music, the Pearly King triple pie and mash intro, on every piano in the Music department whilst everyone was getting changed - that's 5 pianos, including the Death Piano and the one where most of the strings have snapped. It got quite a following, mostly male. What does that say about Cockney music, eh? Having said that, my suggestion to do a medley of Cockney versions of select songs from the show as an encore went down well with all the girls, but not the producers unfortunately.
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We cannot save ourselves alone [21 Feb 2006|05:53pm]
Or rely on a mobile phone, according to Athlete.
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Ben Rayner & Kate Meyer/Alex Johnson & Kate Meyer [14 Feb 2006|10:39pm]
You heard it here first. Amusing text conversation with Ben 'Cockney swagger' Rayner...

"What the fuck were you doing with Kate Meyer, you filthy cunt?"
"Who the fuck's this?"
"It's Bandy, you smack-eye!"
"Nothing happened"

Doing his usual denying-everything act.

Onto Primeval Blue. B Minor Song now has lyrics which end with the line 'The angels were shot down' repeated over and over again at the end but is still called B Minor Song. That's about it, really. Little Shop rehearsals starting tomorrow. Production team will have to decide between Vox (mine) or Behringer (Jimi's) for amplification. It's like choosing between a Beamer and a Skoda. And that's pre-Volkswagen ownership Skoda, although I suppose the V-Amp pre-amp could be considered post-Volkswagen ownership.

Me & Haynes have started work on 'My Lovely Horse - The Movie'. More soon.

And watch the slope-style snowboarding on Thursday & Friday. It's going to be shit hot.
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Band practice [10 Feb 2006|05:56pm]
Went well. We crafted a collection of four rackets, one sounds like Syd Barrett morphing into Mogwai via Godspeed! You Black Emperor, one which had a Beta Band vibe, an alt-country-blues type thing and some old-school metal.
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Bowls of water [05 Feb 2006|06:28pm]
So, picture the scene. You're at the after-party of your village's variety show (not veyr rock 'n' roll, I know) you've spent the last 3 hours talking with your right-hand guitarist, being congratulated for the prodigal ad-lib that turned out to be the funniest thing in the show and bombarding the dance-floor with paper aeroplanes, you go off looking for a drink. Since the party's been in full swing for a long time, the infrastructure is depleted to a point at which you can't actually find a glass of any sort, and your eyes fall on a pile of bowls on the table. At this point, you are so dehydrated that you fill up one of these bowls from the tap and down it in one. A new sport is born. I managed 3, and some girl who is a member of the drama group but who's name I a) can't remember or b) didn't actually know in the first place and who I referred to as 'Goldilocks' for the whole evening, only managed one. I am the champion!
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Introducing... [30 Jan 2006|09:36pm]
...Primeval Blue, a band featuring me on guitar and weird noises, Paul Taylor on lead guitar, James Stockham on bass and John Brace on drums, (plus a bit of instrument swapping a la The Arcade Fire) playing a new genre of music known as 'iron'.

Initially it was 'progressive pfunk-metal', pfunk being a mixture of punk and funk. However, a conversation about how no bands apart from Technotronic and Metallica who have their genre in their name have ever got anywhere led to the genre of iron being created, so we have decided to craft this fantastic sound.

And we have our second ever practice soon. Mmmm.

So, busy couple of weeks. Village variety show is pretty much taken over this week. I was initially only in 2 things but now I've been dragged in to doing curtains too, so there's no escaping. Lancaster university next week, then Little Shop Of Horrors is taking over pretty much every day until the 25th February or whenever it finishes. That's insane, daddy!

And I've discovered Acoustic Ladyland, who are a jazz-punk band. I think the world's ready for that combination.
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New amp [29 Jan 2006|05:55pm]
A Vox AD50VT, bought it yesterday. Here it is...

Image hosting by Photobucket

And here it is with the rest of my shite...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Best things about it...

1) It models the sound of a Vox AC30. A bit of gain, plug the hollowbody in and it IS the Radiohead sound!
2) Auto-wah! Funk odyssey time!
3) A power setting, so I can crank it for some nice valve overdrive without it being loud enough to cause structural damage to my house.
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A Silver Mt. Zion [26 Jan 2006|05:50pm]
Think Sigur Ros sitting on top of a mountain with Godspeed! You Black Emperor scoring the music for a big-budget Hollywood fantasy epic, whilst a French progressive folk band batter their accordions and shout in 4-part harmony next to them. Everyone needs to hear them.
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Kent University's Music Tech course [26 Jan 2006|05:47pm]
Cutting-edge computer room filled with Macs and more software synths than you could shake a Moog at? Check.

Two recording studios with live 2-way audio and video links to the performance rooms? Check.

Production studio kitted out with Pro Tools and 5.1 surround sound? Check.

Student life? Er.....
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Heart of Glass by Blondie [25 Jan 2006|09:39pm]
Sounds like Belgian pop music. Say "Rudi on the electric organ!" in a Belgian accent just before the keyboard solo kicks in, followed by "That's insane, daddy!" and you'll see what I mean.
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Exams [23 Jan 2006|02:54pm]
Ever noticed how they always give you completely useless information at the start of questions? In Chemistry today, it was "Su-Noi is a cooking sauce used in Thailand, which has a unique flavour due to the volatile compounds it contains", and "Compound A is added to food to give the flavour of mushrooms". The Physics one was along the lines of "A TV is fitted in a wooden box and is dropped onto a concrete path during transport". No-one ever reads them, so surely "Two things hit each other and physics occurs" would have been better?

Three blokes go into a pub, followed by God and 20 weasels. The barman looks up and says "You idiot, you've turned this into a surrealist pub joke!" One of the men says "I'll have a pint of best, please" but before he finishes his sentence, time freezes and his words are left suspended in a delicate hanging cadence.
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Why does Jodie Marsh keep changing colour? [17 Jan 2006|08:47pm]
It's not a rhetorical question.
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